Foodies & Plagiarism

This is a post that has been on my mind for some time.

Early last year when I started to write more about my food experiences, I noticed one very irritating trend, that whenever I shared something new about a restaurant it would get “copied” without any note of thanks or acknowledgement.

Surprisingly, it was not just done by new foodies- those who have less than say 1k followers, but even by prominent instagram foodies with 30+k followers- who then proceed to pass it off as their own knowledge without a single tag, like or follow. Some even call their posts “honest writing”- what a joke!

Some examples:

In February 2015 I visited a very unconventional sushiya in Tokyo, and I noted both on this blog & instagram that the rice at that place was al dente to mesh better with the softer fish. Previously I read some reviews by a prominent IG foodie (henceforth “PIG”) that the rice was too firm and was imbalanced. Lo and behold, on PIG’s next visit not even a few weeks apart from when I posted, PIG’s opinion of the rice suddenly changed dramatically: it was now “perfect” for the fish etc.

In April 2015 I visited a prominent sushiya in Tokyo, and I mentioned that a certain sauce there was excellent- probably the best I have ever tasted. The same prominent foodie then copied the same thing I wrote minutes after I posted. This eventually passed on & on to various foodies who copied without any context or understanding and now the particular sauce in that place is lauded by many (clueless) foodies.

This is why there are many people who are silent and decide not to divulge information about sushi: because these idiots just take what you have painstakingly researched and pass it off as their own knowledge. I feel tempted sometimes to write some bullshit (the water used for the sushi comes from the ass-crack of Mount Vesuvius maybe) that people will pass around, but hey I’m not in this for fame or fortune, I’m simply in this food game to eat more delicious food and expand my understanding of food.


But c’mon man, don’t be such a snob


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  1. CS says:

    Dear Finding Resonance — I just started a foodie blog very much in the spirit of yours. Please reach out to me! xx


    1. Hello there CS! Apologies for this late reply, have been busy- will reach out to you now!


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