Jiki Miyazawa Revisited

Stopping by Kyoto to check out the Gion festival, I just had to pay a visit to Jiki Miyazawa, which I first tried last year and fell in love with ever since.


There’s just something special about the place- the food is fantastic and the service is unobtrusive- they explain the dishes, wish you bon appetit, and you wolf down the dishes. The experience there straddles the fine line between austere & excess, flair & tradition.


This time, being the rainy season, I received many seasonal delicious treats such as sweetfish, tokishirazu salmon and the usual favorites like the grilled sesame tofu & the ultra-cute monaka.

Flawless execution
Seasonal dishes with chutzpah yet respecting tradition
Zen-like but not stuffy environment
Highlights: WHOLE MEAL

Cost Performance: 5/5
Meal Cost: 10,200 yen (Tax & other charges included- now you know why full marks)

Tomato with Junsai & Tako

Tomato “sorbet” with watershield and octopus

Osuimono- Hamo, Daikon, Konbu

Soup component- pike eel, daikon radish, kelp

Mukozuke- Meiji Maguro, Uni, Myoga & Nori

Sashimi Component- Baby Tuna, Sea Urchin, topped with Japanese Ginger & Fresh Seaweed

Goma Tofu

I would be lying if I said I didn’t come back specifically to have this: grilled sesame tofu (hot) served with sesame cream (cold) and topped with ground sesame (neutral). Three layers of texture, three layers of temperature, one complete dish. 

Agemono (Fried Component)

A twist on the conventional grilled sweetfish served with tade sauce, this was “tempura-ed” and served with a delicious baked cucumber sauce. 

Yakimono (Grilled Component)- Tokishirazu

Tokishirazu salmon, served with ginger & four kinds of beans, topped with umami bottarga was a total show-stopper. The way I was supposed to eat this dish was to use the vegetables as a sponge to absorb the bottarga, but I found that out a bit too late after observing from a fellow customer! Nevertheless, this dish was another example of how Izumi-san creates amazing harmony with seasonal ingredients. 

All is One

An ode to cha-kaiseki, where the meal will end with white rice served in the form of the kanji character ichi “一”, otherwise known as ichimonji, to reflect the ideals of the tea ceremony. Here at Jiki Miyazawa, the rice is served three ways- first is very al dente rice, at the cusp of being cooked, the second is a “just cooked” serving and the third is from deeper in the pot where you can taste the full flavor of the excellent koshihikari rice they use. 


Dessert of Sake Jelly & Seasonal Fruits

Adzuki Monaka

Another favorite at Jiki Miyazawa is their monaka- where red bean paste is sandwiched between two grilled wafers. 


Matcha to end

The meal at Jiki Miyazawa ends with green tea- signalling the end of the food trip and a comedown to reality. 


Jiki Miyazawa
Lunch = 12:00-15:30 L.O.13:45
Dinner = 17:30-22:00 L.O.20:00
Address: 533-1 Yaoyacho, Sakaimachi-dori Shijo Agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL: +81 075-213-1326



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