Curiousity killed the cat, someone said.

Fortune favours the bold, said someone else.

In the case of my hunt for T-sushi, the second quote rings true.

To be absolutely frank, it was more curiosity than anything else that led me to this quaint sushi restaurant. After seeing it being featured endlessly on Mesubim, I just had to try it for myself (FOMO much), channeling the quintessential insta-foodie behavior of going to ze most exklusive places.

I’ll drop the suspense and cut straight to the chase: the sushi here is very good, and I risk being rude here, but it is not my absolute favorite. I found some items spectacular, even the “best-in-their-class”, such as the Aji (Horse Mackerel), Saba (Mackerel) and Anago (Sea Eel) but overall I found, from a pure flavour perspective, that my tastebuds crave something else.

Another Stellar Item at T-Sushi: Fresh Shoyu-Marinated Salmon Roe!

That said, this does not mean that his sushi sucks-I suggest everyone reading this post to have a good look at the videos of T-san at work that Mesubim uploads: you will see his extremely deft knifework among other superb skills. In fact, I think from a technical perspective it is hard to fault him in any way. Take his kuruma-ebi for instance- which saddles that fine line between undercooked and overcooked, and packed full with flavour too!

So let’s talk about taste:

The overall theme is a laser focus on the natural flavours of the seafood used, appreciating the nuances in each neta. This is evident when one considers the “heart” of his sushi- the very neutrally -seasoned rice vinegar rice, which is served at room temperature. Some of you might say: but wait, doesn’t that mean that the rice and slight nuances in the seafood match perfectly to create the ever-lofty goal of “balance”?

Deft Skillz & Eggcellent Produce


I would say yes- it does. And it does so very well indeed. So why am I still not satisfied? I suppose it all comes down to my personal taste for more robust sushi rice.

But as with intimate counter dining, taste is but one component of the overall meal experience. In this aspect T-sushi is truly amazing- T-san is genuinely a top bloke who makes you feel at home instantly from the time he directs you to your seat and makes excellent conversation. He keenly watches you and anticipates your wants- he offered me a kanpyo maki roll after he caught me staring a little too intently at his kanpyo :).

With all that being said, will I return? I would say at this point- YES. Not just for the sushi, but for the dining experience as a whole.

Overall tasting notes:

Best I Ever Had: Anago (Sea Eel), Saba (Mackerel)

Top-class: Ikura (Salmon Roe), Aji (Horse Mackerel), Kohada (Gizzard Shad), Mactra Clam (Aoyagi), Kuruma Ebi(Japanese Imperial Prawn)

Good: Tairagai, Geso

The Nigiri:

















*T-sushi is by invitation-only and I apologize in advance for not being able to disclose its location or name. 



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