Sushidokoro Suzu 寿し処 寿々

Sushi Suzu comes highly recommended to me from two foodies whose views I respect and rely upon when choosing restaurants to dine in Japan. They both take much better photos and I liked what I saw, and away to Suzu in Tameike-Sanno I went (not far from Shinzo Abe’s place).

Sushi Suzu possesses a very special charm which I attribute to the beautiful minimalist decor and sunken seating which is somehow extremely comfortable (Suzu-san does not squeeze his customers like sardines).

On to the sushi, I went here for lunch, hence I can only comment on the nigiri course. There are three sets starting from 3,000 yen to 7,000 yen pre-tax and sans drinks. Being the greedy glutton I was I opted for the 7,000 yen set (did you expect anything less 🙂 )

The shari here is excellent. Sorry to get to the point so abruptly but it is that good- the temperature control here is truly on point. I couldn’t wait for the next piece to come and I still remember the flavour and texture of the rice.

In terms of neta, Suzu-san was very generous with his offerings, serving some choice pieces that are more commonly reserved for the more expensive (and expansive- with tsumami) dinner for example a prized portion of buri sunazuri or shimofuri; or maybe a seasonal item like sanma. Other star offerings include the ikura (salmon roe), katsuo (bonito) and a super soft anago (sea eel).

Suzu-san is quiet and but provides meaningful banter from time to time, elevating the dignified setting of the place.

It’s hard to fault this place for the nigiri– the rice is addictive and the cost performance is superb. Dinner must be done soon so that I can try his famous tsumami pieces.

Sushi Dokoro Suzu
Taste: 3.5/5
Cost Performance (CP): 4/5
Overall: 3.8/5


2-9-4 Akasaka Minato Tokyo
東京都 港区 赤坂 2-9-4 1F
03-3586-1010 (+81-3-3586-1010)



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