What is Finding Resonance?

I started this blog with the intention of keeping it as a journal of sorts for my food journey in beautiful Japan- at first I wanted it to be just a simple rating site to compare the restaurants- which restaurant has the best sushi/tempura/kaiseki? As I explored and ate more I began to realise that there are just some things that cannot, or should not, be quantified into such a base form as a number. The one cuisine that taught me this was kaiseki, the traditional, seasonal multi-course meal in Japan that has so much cultural interplay that assigning a score to the meal would be a foolish chore. I liken the cuisine to appreciating art: when looking at a painting there are often these emotions that grip you but cannot be explained simply by categorising them into happy/sad/fearful/angry.

There is a pure joy that comes naturally with food. It goes beyond just taste, it encompasses a spectacular myriad of interplaying factors which results in that beautiful fleeting moment of pleasure where time slows and the universe seems to be at perfect harmony with every fiber of your being. I yearn for these ever-elusive moments, and this blog serves to document my journey to find such beautiful experiences.

“A fleeting moment of pleasure where time slows and the universe seems to be at perfect harmony with every fiber of your being. “


This blog does have the appearance of a predominantly restaurant review page- but I think that assigning an arbitrary value to a singular visit is an oversimplification of the meal as an experience. When the nuances are lost, so is the whole big picture. Thus, while the latest posts do have these arbitrary values assigned to the review, please note that one man’s flesh is another man’s poison! However this does not mean that all opinions on food is self-defeating: there can be educated opinions on food that are little hampered by factors such as hype, picky eating, general ignorance and most of all hubris….

That said, I hope to offer you the reader an educated opinion wherever possible, and more of my random thoughts 🙂



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