Jiki Miyazawa Revisited

My favourite kaiseki-kappo restaurant in Kyoto-plus the cost performance is simply insane


Kaiseki (Kyoto & Tokyo)

A brief overview of what Kaiseki is (at least to myself) and the list of places I’ve eaten in Tokyo & Kyoto thus far.

Ishikawa Revisited

Round 2 of Ishikawa where the strength of the bold flavours are matched with the deftness of finesse & skill. My revisit has reconfirmed Ishikawa as one of the top restaurants for washoku in my heart.

Shiba Tofu-Ya Ukai

Having tofu-ryori with a nice view of the Tokyo tower & blooming Sakura is truly a breath-taking experience. Dining in a private room by yourself, however, is slightly awkward.

いと正 Itosho

My first foray into shojin-ryori. I have since learned that vegetarian food can be super delicious too and look forward to my next shojin experience.

Sojiki Nakahigashi 草喰 なかひがし

The O.G. of Foraging: Locavore Maximus. Sojiki Nakahigashi serves up ultra-local ingredients in kaiseki format. This is one of those experiences that transcend words.

Kichisen 吉泉

Kaiseki focusing on splendour-drawing primarily on the traditions of the Imperial Court Cuisine and that of the noble class